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Young Woman Brushing Teeth

Why Your Gums Hurt When You Brush Your Teeth

Have you ever wondered why a routine task like brushing your teeth can sometimes turn into a painful ordeal for your gums? It’s a common concern that many people face, especially those who are diligent about their oral hygiene. But pain during brushing is more than just a nuisance; it can be a sign of

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oral health

Why is Oral Health So Important?

Table of contents Why your oral hygiene routine is so important Oral hygiene routine Brush your teeth at least twice a day Floss every day Avoid sugary and acidic food and drink Drink plenty of water Stop smoking Why your oral hygiene routine is so important Taking good care of your teeth and gums can

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tooth brushing children

Tooth Brushing for Children

As the parent, you are your child’s greatest role model…they learn from you, and that includes how to look after their teeth. Your healthy habits quickly become their healthy habits. It is incorrect to think that children don’t need to take care of their baby teeth because they will be replaced by their permanent teeth

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