Is Dental Fear Affecting Your Family?

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By Joanna Atherfold Finn

Is the sound of the dentist’s drill enough to have you running for the nearest exit? Dental fear is a very real problem affecting up to one in six Australian adults and around one in ten children. Thankfully there are measures you and your dentist can implement to assist, as John Cropley, a Nelson Bay dentist with over 30 years’ experience, explains.

“Dental fear can be related to the perception of the dental appointment itself,” John told What’s On In Our Backyard. “Things like the reclining dental chair, the close proximity
of the dentist during examinations, the patient not being able to see what is happening – all can lead to a feeling of little control of the situation, resulting in anxiousness.”

People may also have concerns about the level of discomfort. The fear of injections or of the area not being numb produces anxiety.

Trust can play a role too, according to John. “Clients may have issues with trusting dental or medical practitioners,” he said.

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