Root canal treatment - saving the tooth

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, is a procedure to remove a dead or dying nerve from a tooth and replacing it with a filling. 

Although in the past it has had a bad reputation with people it is now a relatively simple and painless procedure, thanks to our modern techniques.

The treatment of the root canal involves removal of the infected or damaged nerve tissue from the root canal, as well as cleaning and shaping of the hole inside of the tooth, before placing a sterile filling inside, supports may be inserted to help strengthen the tooth. Finally the tooth may be capped.

The endodontic treatment takes place over a series of dental visits.

A root canal treatment saves the tooth structure which would otherwise need to be removed, not only saving your natural tooth but also helping to retain the shape of your mouth and gums.


In safe hands for your endodontic treatment

At Tomaree Dentistry, our experienced and gentle dentist in Nelson Bay provides root canal treatment for most cases, with more complex cases being referred to our preferred specialists in Newcastle.


Learn more about root canal treatments and the procedure in our article 'Root Canal Treatment: What To Expect'.

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